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Monthly Archives: May, 2014

Stomach Flu Gratitude

No, I’m not thankful for getting the stomach flu, but even getting sick has it’s silver lining. Life is Fragile. It’s funny how I’m always wishing for my loud and crazy kids … Continue reading

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Sorry to disappoint, but this blog post isn’t a recipe for an authentic version of a Chinese dish. I’m talking about being authentic. I was recommended Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of … Continue reading

May 27, 2014 · 2 Comments

Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese

Who knew that you could cook anything other than rice in your rice cooker? I had no idea until just this year. My mother-in-law has tried to convince me to make dishes like … Continue reading

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Life Advice for an ABC mom

I  saw this post in my Facebook feed earlier this week and thought it was brilliant. Especially now with young two boys that prefer to grunt and point when they … Continue reading

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Sesame Chicken Noodle Soup

My kids eat this weekly because it’s so amazingly easy to make. Package of chicken legs 2 Tbsp Sesame oil, or to taste 1/4 cup Chinese rice wine, or to … Continue reading

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Asian Instincts

After all the years I mocked and laughed at my parents for their very Asian cultural habits, I am finding (especially after becoming a parent myself) myself doing the same things, like they suddenly just … Continue reading

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How This ABC Mom Cooks

Bossman wanted to take a pic of me today and as I was contemplating hiding all the neurotic things I do when I cook and making the pic look more … Continue reading

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