Stomach Flu Gratitude

No, I’m not thankful for getting the stomach flu, but even getting sick has it’s silver lining.

Life is Fragile.

It’s funny how I’m always wishing for my loud and crazy kids to be a little calmer, yet when they suddenly turn quiet, still, and listless, it worries me to death. Seeing them sick makes me miss the wildness and makes me so relieved when the craziness returns.

People are kind.

I was so grateful when Bossman went out to fill my prescription and buy me a case of Gatorade while I was sick. He knows to leave me alone to rest and heal. He does love me!

Life slows down.

When you’re sick, everything grinds to a halt. No school, no play dates, no activities. It’s also kind of refreshing if you have someone who can take care of the family if you yourself are sick. (Otherwise it totally sucks and I’m sorry.)

My kids will always be my babies.

As grown up as my kids think they are, they will always be my babies, and I will happily exploit them being sick as an excuse to give them even more hugs and kisses all day long.


Stomach Flu 2014!

sickEver since Jpeg started going to preschool, we’ve gotten hit with an epic case of stomach flu every few years. And when one kid gets it, we all get it. How can we not, when we share EVERYTHING: beds, bathrooms, food, drinks? Before we had gotten sick I was actually quite proud that we’d avoided the plague this year. And that must be how I jinxed myself.

If you get squeamish at vomit talk, this is probably where you should stop reading. Otherwise, enjoy the gory details! I wanted to write about it so I don’t forget what a miserable experience it was and how important things like exercise, eating well, and sleeping are to staying healthy and living well.

Day 0: incubation

11:00am – We had planned a visit to see my one and only niece whom I love like my own. Sister said she had been vomiting but it could’ve been food poisoning. We visit, kids play, and we leave after about an hour because Baby Girl doesn’t look herself and needs rest.

Day 1: flu strikes

11:30pm – Husband wakes me in the other room to tell me Pnut is sick. I stumble to the family bedroom to find a pale and naked Pnut draped in a towel, all lights on, vomit everywhere including Bossman’s clothes. I almost pass out. My fainting spell is not from a weak stomach – I’ve got it too. He takes Pnut to shower the two of them off. I manage to crawl and take sheets off to wash. We transfer Jpeg to another room to sleep while we sleep on mattresses covered with beach towels. Pnut continues to vomit throughout the night but at least I can feel it coming and catch it in a trash can each time. I try to sleep through my own waves of nausea and dizziness.

Oh, Nausea

By morning Pnut’s vomiting has subsided. I sleep through the nausea. Jpeg has a birthday party in 3 hours. By the 2nd hour he starts to complain of a stomach ache. Cancel all plans for the day, which included a BBQ potluck after the party. Prescription Zofran comes to rescue Jpeg and I from intolerable nausea. We sleep to the sounds of Bossman running 6 loads of laundry that day. My sweet germ carrier niece is recovering but her mom has it now.

Day 2: recovery…?

The sight of food no longer repulses me. The three of us split a Top Ramen, because whatever is in that salty preservative-filled bag has helped me recover from illness since I was in college. (I also have fond memories of eating it for lunch after preschool watching Pinwheel on Nickelodeon, so it’s my comfort food.) Jpeg is already eating well, but Pnut barely touched his food. We watch a movie (A Bug’s Life in Chinese), shower, and order the usual udon and California rolls from our local Japanese restaurant across the street. The boys eat decently considering our state the day before. Pnut’s virus gets a second wind and strikes back with a vengeance in the form of diarrhea that hits multiple times every hour. It calms by evening but then hits him strong again as he vomits and diarrheas (simultaneously!) that night and then has about 6 more bathroom visits (soiling his pants each time).

Day 3: another one bites the dust

Pnut’s bathroom visits slowly steadily after another half a dozen underwear changes. By 2pm Bossman is writhing in pain and nausea, and explodes by 4pm.

Day 4: BRAT

Slowly but surely everyone’s bathroom visits become less frequent, we go to the store to buy anything and everything Pnut feels like eating because his appetite is so weak. He picks Apple Jacks, Scooby Doo cereal, graham crackers, Wheat Thins, Lays potato chips, and Sun Chips, white bread, and hawaiian bread. This is our version of the BRAT diet.

Back to normal

The bag of potato chips I bought for Pnut was devoured in 2 days. By me. It’s not something I’m proud of but it tasted so good. Back to eating more healthily tomorrow. Hello again vegetables!


What do you do to stay healthy or fend of stomach flu and other horrible viruses?


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