LeTote.com: New Clothes Every Week

All opinions for this post are my own. 


I’ve been hiding a secret from my friends the past two months and I LOVE IT! I receive a few new tops/dresses/bottoms and jewelry pieces every 2 weeks. I feel young again, on trend, and like a million bucks. And nobody knows.

It’s easy – I created a profile at letote.com and for $49/mo, I select the types of clothes I like on their catalog and they begin shipping me clothes that I can wear and return or wear and keep for a discounted price. So far I’ve only been wearing and exchanging. I send my packages back roughly every two weeks, shipping bag already included for me to drop into my mailbox!


It even lets you rate your items and upload pics so stylists will be able to better understand your style.


I look forward to the black box I receive that says “You look gorgeous” on the inside. Why yes, I do!

If you’re interested in trying out the service, please click the link below, which takes you to the website to sign up. $49/mo – TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Have you tried this service or a similar one? I’ve noticed a few of them have been popping up. Let me know what you think!


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