Rent the Runway

Best. Dresses. Ever.

I have not received anything in exchange for this blog post – I just enjoy the service so much that I want to tell the world my secret to feeling and looking fabulous!!

Never have I gotten so many compliments on my outfits than when I rented dresses from Rent the Runway. It’s so simple. Go online to and gaze (for hours!) at all the affordable, luxe outfit rentals. Not sure what size you are? Read all the amazing reviews – including pictures and their measurements and sizing feedback! – from other Rent the Runway users. Put your favorites in their own “hearts” category. Pick your dress, set the dates you need your dress (4 days or 8 days), and choose two sizes that you think will fit you best. Shipping is fast, and you have until 12:00 noon on the day it’s due to drop the dress case back off at any UPS drop off.

Did I mention that you can get a designer dress for less than $50?

And you get two sizes w your rental? I’m usually between two sizes and I don’t always go up or go down. This is perfect!

And girls post their measurements and share their reviews to help you figure out your size?

Join the Runway Rental Revolution. Shop now at


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