Life Camp – The First Adventure, ABC Kid’s Perspective

For the backstory of this adventure, take a look at the original post by This ABC Mom Peggy for Life Camp – The First Adventure.

My experience from yesterday was awesome and quite eye-opening for me. I learned that it is not easy to be a parent, and that the car is wayyyy more fun than walking.

Easy not so easy

The trip started off with me thinking “Oh, this isn’t going to be very hard,” but right after we got out of the library I got kind of scared, because according to the paper I had, the nearest bus stop was several streets down.

Walking to the Bus Stop

My mom helped me a little, so Pnut, Mom and I walked over to the bus stop. I realized that we were closer to our food stop already, so we walked (again) over to the food court. Me and Pnut went to Panda Express to eat, while Mom took out her own packed lunch and we ate.

Walking again

After that, we walked (again) to Target. We got an icebreakers and a big box of salad for mom. I checked the time and took a break, then walked (AGAIN!) to the bus stop and got on the bus. The driver dropped us off somewhat near our house, so we walked (Seriously, how many times do I have to walk?) back home.


I know what you guys are thinking. “Trex, wouldn’t you be tired by now? I was quite tired, so I took quite a few stops on the way home. I made it home alive though, so  Pnut, Mom and I all had otter pops.

Next time…

A few recommendations to myself for next time are

  1. Bring a backpack
  2. Bring cold water
  3. Ask way more questions
If you ever do something like this with your kids, this will guarantee you to have an easier time than I had.

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