How This ABC Mom Cooks


Bossman wanted to take a pic of me today and as I was contemplating hiding all the neurotic things I do when I cook and making the pic look more Martha Stewart-ish, I instead decided to embrace my quirks to point out a few things about how I cook. Some of the things I do are very Chinese, and some are just my odd variations.

But first a few disclaimers:

  • I’m not usually this dressed up when I cook. For me, tank top and maxi skirt are pretty dressed up these days. So is makeup. You should feel so special.
  • The kitchen is rarely this clean. My MIL convinced me to get cleaners to come to our house. It’s truly a guilty pleasure esp since I never had one growing up. If you’ve never had one, DON’T TRY ONE UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO HAVE ONE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE because I never realized how much I suck at cleaning compared to them until I experienced it for myself.
  • I’m usually never smiling while I cook. At least this is according to Bossman. On days I have a long list of things to do (most days), I end up making dinner last minute and inevitably rush through complaints of being “so so hungry” by Peanut and general grumpiness by Jpeg to get food to the table.

On to the good stuff.

Things I use in the kitchen

  1. Dish towel covering my stainless steel stove knobs. It works in keeping the stainless steel clean if you do it every time you cook, but either I will forget once and make a mess or Bossman tries to cook and leaves a bigger mess.
  2. Apron. My mom wears an apron when she cooks. I only wore one this time because of the white tank top. If I wore it more frequently I would probably have fewer grease stains on my tops and shorts. But then again, I’m usually wearing pajamas or sweats that I don’t care about getting grease stained. If anyone asks, that dark spot on my shirt is a shadow and not a stain.
  3. Tissue scarfs for my oil bottle and soy sauce bottle. I hate when the oil/liquid drips down the side of the bottle and leaves the ring on the bottom of the cabinet. Hence, tissue scarf and rubber band to keep it in place.20140522-224833-82113725.jpg
  4. Backsplash protector. My friend turned me on to these since we were both redoing our kitchens at the same time. I took a chance with a white kitchen and now I’m doing all I can to protect it. This amazing sheet of aluminum stands up behind your stove and basically catches the oil instead of having it splash your wall and be a pain to clean (esp with porous grout). $10 from my neighborhood Korean market. Looks Japanese to me. Kireidea? Good luck buying it online… at a Japanese website with no English.

I’ve had to replace mine every 3-4 months unfortunately because I put my screen right up against my pots and pans when I cook so I have a wall of splatter protection. That results in one severely burnt protector that has caught on fire a few times.
20140521-220028-79228506.jpgI thought it would also prevent oil splatter from reaching other burners but they get dirty anyways.

Hope you got a little insight as to how I cook. Maybe with some gentle persuasion I will post a more realistic version of this setup another time.



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