Ever since saying goodbye to the corporate world in December 2013, I’ve learned to really love staying at home. I have more time to obsess over the kids, attempt to keep the house in order, and attempt to connect better and more frequently with my neglected husband. It’s hard to imagine going back to an office. But I do miss it. I miss it so much. Having a meal, a workout, an adult conversation, even a snack all to myself in the middle of the day was awesome… but not worth everything I was missing once I stayed home with the kids. And now that I can enjoy it I find myself barking at the kids far less and having more time for regular conversations interspersed with lots of hugs and kisses. This blog is going to be my way of staying connected with the outside world and to chronicle the traditions of my family, and hopefully connect with other moms out there.

I blog about things I think are awesome, such as: family recipes, events/outings I plan, products I use, and experiences I never want to forget. And then occasionally I blog a rant when I just need to vent.

ABC: American Born Chinese

Oh and did I mention that my parents happen to be of Chinese descent, specifically from Taiwan? By blood I am 100% Taiwanese but having been born in the ruralist of towns in West Virginia and growing up in Southern California, I’d say I’m probably closer to 80% American and 20% Chinese in the way I live.


My husband says I’m closer to 90/10 but I give myself some extra credit for learning Mandarin after my son was born. If I were to break down my Chinese-ness, here’s how I would score myself – because everything has to have a score. 🙂

We make/eat Chinese food like egg rolls and stir fries at Thanksgiving and holiday parties at our parents’ houses. +5%

The egg rolls you can’t buy the way my mom makes them in any store.

I speak Mandarin +10%

…but only enough for my kids/people to understand simple conversations about babies, food, or speaking Mandarin. Jpeg’s Mandarin crushes mine every day, though I am a little more carefree with it and am not as afraid to speak.

I’m not a foodie -5%

I find that many Asians are big on food. I’m not one of them. I would eat more Chinese food if it weren’t for the MSG headaches I get.

I’m cheap but love a good bargain +5%

I’ve cut out on a lot of luxuries like nice restaurants, new clothes, shoes, and bags because I like to try to live like a minimalist, but I can’t resist a good bargain. For Asians like me, it’s all about VALUE. When we travel, we typically go for family friendly places with an eat in kitchen: Residence Inn, Hyatt House because they usually come with free breakfast and I can’t resist a free buffet.

I love finding things to “improve upon” +5%

My poor non-Taiwanese friend really struggles with this with her in-laws. I struggle with it too. The Chinese folks in my life love to find things to comment on. Your refrigerator has no vegetables! Your refrigerator has too much stuff, how are you going to eat it all! You are too hard on the kids! The kids are too wild! Sigh. They do it with the best intentions (just to have a conversation and not to criticize) but to most people it just sounds like criticisms. I’ve gotten a lot better at keeping my mouth shut and just being happy with however things turn out, but when I’m having a bad day the filter doesn’t stay on well and it has gotten me into trouble more than enough times.

Cast and Crew


Hubby. Entrepreneurial free spirit. Loves his kids, photography, cinematography, jiu-jitsu. Spicy and passionate about everything, good and bad.


Kid #1. Golden Pig (birth year 2007) who loves to learn… and play video games. Like father like son. His nickname comes from what coworkers and friends called him when I was pregnant.


Kid #2. 3 years younger. Loves cuddles and bugs, specifically roly polies.


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