More about Trex

ABC Kid, contributing author to This ABC Mom

Hello! I’m Trex, and I am 11 years old at the moment. I am in 6th grade, and my favorite food is sushi. I like Crunch Rolls, and California Rolls, dipped in wasabi. Three things I will not eat, Doritos, tomatoes, and avocados (no rhyme intended). Doritos I actually like, but it hurts my stomach. I like playing Fortnite with my friends and watching Ssundee on Youtube (look him up here). Do not think that I am pro at Fortnite because I am not. Lets get into me!

Why I am an ABC kid

I am an American born Chinese kid, because both my grandmas and grandpas are full Chinese, but I was born here in Orange County. I go to a regular American School, but also go to Chinese school as an extracurricular activity.

Why I’m Doing This

I am writing this because my mom says we can make a successful career of this if we do it. I know she’s not lying, but it’s not easy. I personally think that getting paid a lot would be nice, but the road going up to that point is a rough one, so I decided to help my mom on this website. I look forward to writing more soon!


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