Life Camp – Buying Groceries

Yesterday I went on another Life Camp adventure, this time having to buy groceries for my family. My mom gave my brother and me 30 minutes at Walmart to buy all the items on a list.  Do you think I was able to complete my mission? Read on!

Image result for walmart

How I did

This time, Pnut and I needed to get everything on a shopping list she made for us before it was time to leave. Mom thought this would be a good adventure because she usually gets everything for us while we get to stay home or while we are at camp or school. We first got the cart and did a quick sweep of the entire shop. There were a few items that we missed, and we went back and got a few of them. Eventually there were only hot dogs and hot dog buns left on the list so I looked down the bread isle one last time, and there they were, an 8 pack of hot dog buns. I raced back to the cart and checked it of the list. Mom gave me a hint, she said the hot dogs were near the ham section. I shoved the cart back over there. Hot links, bacon wrapped hot dogs (yum!), HOT DOGS! I checked it off the list right as my mom’s timer went off.

My favorite part was probably getting the hot dog, because it being the last thing on my list made me feel very proud. I got everything I needed to get, right at the deadline!

Try it Yourself

To all moms, if you want to get your kids to try this, let them get familiar with the store before they shop. And if I were to do it again, I would go all the way down each isle before moving on to the next.

Thank you for reading, and happy Life Camping!


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